MAPS Attack Pack "Best Practices"
Outsourcing Info
The outsourcing team is

I've arranged a special discount for you guys where you get 10% off the Set Up / Initial optimization and 5% off the monthly ongoing charge.

Current charges are $349 Set Up and then $125 per month. And again, that's the price BEFORE the discount.

You'll go here to get the discount when signing up a new client: 
and use this code: mapsattackpackssa 

So if you're charging $499 per month, you can use that first month payment from your client to cover the set up cost from the outsourcer while still turning a profit month 1. Then every month beyond that, your margins will be extremely high!

These guys communicate incredibly well and get amazing results.

Add them on Skype: seo.service.agents

The best part is they are 100% up front about how much time it's going to take to rank for your specific keywords.

So shoot them a list of keywords and ask how long it'll take for the Top 3.

- Chris